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through closed loop waste processing

US Tire Recycling Network

The US Tire Recycling Network is a national platform to track the collection, transportation and disposition of used tires. By participating in the network you are helping us achieve our collective goal that 100% of used tires are delivered to a proper end use processor.


The US Tire Recycling Network Tracker application is designed to create an information network between Stewardships, Collectors, Haulers and Processors. Each stakeholder plays an important role in the recycling process and can track their contribution.


A government or non-government organization formed to manage tire recycling


Typically a retail business including tire stores and gas stations and also includes any location that accepts used tires


A company that hauls used tires


A company that receives and recycles used tires.

Recycling Technology Solutions

Recycling Technology Solutions is committed to developing technology approaches and solutions that facilitate closed loop waste processing.

Founded as a public benefit corporation, Recycling Technology Solutions charter is to support all Stakeholders in the pursuit of 100% compliance with our closed loop waste processing goal.

Why We Are Different

Public Benefit Corporation

As a public benefit corporation our mission is to create technologies that facilitate closed loop waste management.

Product Stewardship Institute

As a Sustaining Partner of PSI  our goal is to work with and support all government and non government organizations involved with recycling.

Flexible Design

All Recycling Technology Solutions products can be configured to comply with the specific legislative requirements of each government agency.

Flexible Technology

Recycling Technology Solutions are designed to work on all personal computers, tablets and mobile devices.

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